Masjid Mubarak
2 Jummaad-Uth-Thaani, 1441
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Masjid History

Masjid Mubarak

After initially raising money to buy and repurpose the building next door as our new Masjid, funds had run dry. Thus the Masjid committees and trustees conducted an outreach for donations from all Muslim local and international. Some fund was raised to pay for the first part of the renovation of the Masjid. 

Masjid Design

The mosque itself has got two floors. On the ground floor, there is a large Main Hall for prayers which can easily accommodate around 400 worshippers at any one time. In addition, there is a Ladies’ Gallery to accommodate about 200 women. The first floor is the multi-purpose hall. Future plan includes an extensive Islamic library, educational classrooms and a large School Hall area, and other activities. On special days like Eid, when demand is high, both the Prayer Hall and the first floor Hall are used for prayers providing accommodation for 1,000 people. On Eid day, there are two prayer services during which between 8000 to 1,000 worshippers visit the mosque for the special services, and on Fridays, the gathering is 300 plus. 


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Masjid Mubarak