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2 Jummaad-Uth-Thaani, 1441
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The Masjid ‘s mission is to offer Muslims a place to congregate to worship and to learn about the teachings of  Islam. The Masjid seeks to inculcate in American Muslims the best of Islamic teachings and the brotherhood of mankind. Programs such as weekly Tafsir - Quran study/exegesis sessions, (which are also accessible via teleconference),  and lectures are held to educate Muslims of the community, and to aid them in their spiritual development.

The Masjid offers an impressive Arabic and Islamic studies program for children and adults, taught by knowledgeable scholars. It also serves as an Islamic Cultural center where Muslims hold various events such as Naming ceremonies (Aqeeqah) and Weddings. The Masjid also hosts an active Muslim Youth program that seeks to promote brotherhood and Islamic culture and learning amongst Muslim youth of the community.

The Masjid engages in various communal efforts to help the people of the community in which it is located, as well as many other people across the world. These efforts include the monthly Food Pantry in Newark where members of the Masjid distribute food to the needy, and various fundraising efforts to help the victims of natural disasters across the world.

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SCHOLAR to teach children both Quran & Islamic knowledge on Weekends. Must speak English and knowledge of Arabic is an advantage. Please send us an email of your resume or detail experience to

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